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out of 1233 Google reviews


out of 1233 Google reviews

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  • Avatar anthony D ★★★★★
    Report ready in 1 hour. Very complete. All the information about price, options, model... Really useful
  • Avatar Pascal C ★★★★★
    Very satisfied with the service! Impressive to have all the options (and their original prices).
  • Avatar Pascal H ★★★★★
    Very serious site giving exact information and thus very useful for a sale which can sometimes be rigged on the equipment and options sometimes announced on the vehicle. The information collected by MecaVin allows to make ... More the light on the subject and thus to restore the truth. Thank you for your help!

  • Avatar Pascal L ★★★★★
    I got the report within a few hours of asking for it, efficient! Especially to be sure of the finish of a vehicle and the options that came out of the factory.
  • Avatar Matthieu G ★★★★
    I advise anyone buying or having bought a used car to know all the options of the vehicle!
  • Avatar Joël M ★★★★★
    The MecaVIN site allowed me to find out about Options that the seller had not put forward in his ad.Fully satisfied with the report obtained in 1h30 I recommend to 100 %

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Find Finishing and Equipment MERCEDES 309

We use an automated system that allows us to know the serial number of the vehicle from the license plate of your MERCEDES 309.

We provide you with the complete list of options and original equipment of the vehicle you wish to purchase.

You will receive by email the different information after filling the application form.

When you search for a used MERCEDES 309 on sites such as leboncoin , the plantas well as all other used car sales sites. You can virtually guess the advertisement on which the model, the finish and the different characteristics are indicated. Unfortunately, the advertisements of private individuals often contain very little information, so it is safer for you to acquire the appropriate characteristics of the vehicle via a third party.

This is why MecaVIN provides you with an identification report of the model, the finish as well as the various technical specifications such as optional and standard equipment. We provide you with reliable and original information.

  • Evaluate the price conformity of the MERCEDES 309 ad
  • Negotiate the best possible final purchase price
  • Save easily several hundred euros
  • Protect you from Incomplete Ads
  • Make and model with exact finish
  • Precise list of equipment chosen when buying a new MERCEDES 309 vehicle
  • Precise quote for MERCEDES 309 according to model, finish and year.
  • We provide you with the original manufacturer's data in order to check whether the vehicle you wish to purchase corresponds to your expectations or to the seller's advertisement.
  • We provide you with a customized service and a guarantee that our indications are of quality.
  • The MecaVIN team is available by email to answer all your questions.
  • Guarantee of usefulness of information 
  • You will receive by email the list of all the original options as well as the original equipment.

MecaVIN has access to official manufacturer information, in the identification report we provide you with a lot of relevant information so that you can be comfortable when you purchase.

To get the identification report you have to enter the car registration information, our automation system immediately identifies the vehicle. Then from the number VIN we can precisely identify the model, the finish, the standard equipment and the optional equipment.

You will receive the identification report by email.

  • The model and precise engine of the vehicle
  • The exact finish of the car
  • the list of standard equipment
  • the list of optional equipment
  • the price list of optional equipment
  • the coast and the market price
  • the wine and the serial number

We use an automated system that allows us to know the serial number of the vehicle from the license plate of your MERCEDES 309.

The number VIN (vehicle identification number) is the serial number of the car. It can be found in the E line on the registration certificate.

It is similar to the number engraved on the car's chassis. Each manufacturer must assign a vehicle identification number (VIN code) to each automobile it produces. The VIN code is also called NSV (Vehicle Serial Number) code. The VIN code is composed of a series of 17 characters. 

Example B.M.W. Coupe M3 3.2 343hp - 2002 - WBSBL91080JP84580  

The VIN code is produced from the WMI manufacturer code, which is the first three characters. Then the VDS code which is 8 characters long and the last 6 correspond to an internal manufacturer number.

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